A Dream

It’s the dawn of the morning
I enter my room and instantly sense this weird presence
That led me to switch on the lights
Only to see you with your face covered
I move nearer with the suspense of revealing your identity
Whilst rattled by the unknown of what I may uncover

My heart is pounding and as for my body is sweating and trembling
For you are in my room, uninvited
And your entire body completely covered with a blanket,
“Who could this be in my territory, unannounced”, I ask myself
Closer I now move to you and as for my curiosity, it’s to be answered.
In a split second suddenly you remove the cover
For I, to see your face 
Shocked I am – for I know you
And never expected you to be in my personal space
Nor invade it for that matter

But surprisingly you smile as all is fine
I too strangely join in and smile back
Instead of throwing you out
I then held your hand, instantly falling asleep
What happened, I still wonder even today
The truth is yet to be known

Instant unpredictable change

In a blink of an eye

One second – excited; making future plans

Waiting eagerly for them to unfold as planned

Silently counting downtime

Time hastily passed by

Suddenly all crumbles down

Plans put into motion

Dismantled within a minute

Into million pieces of glass

That could never be glued back

Then all plans change

Life takes a new twist of turns

Uncertain the future starts to seem

For it differs with the one

I have been socialized to believe

It is different from the one imprinted in my imagination

Time, I cry foul at, but it continues still

Like nothing had transpired

Adapting to circumstances, I am compelled

Although devastation has taken its toll

Lessons to be learnt

For life always contains an element of unpredictability

The cycle hardly reaches an end

The same it remains – “unpredictable”

Although it is meant to be out mostly lived

By all of us (you and I)

“Life is generally unpredictable and with that said, one has to always anticipate the possibility of things going either way” – Mmaletsema Mokgohlwa



A new day it represents

Plans put into motion

Unpredictable life constantly becomes

Every second, minutes and hour

Whilst it leaves on the lips; a sour taste

Whilst it leaves on the lips; a sweet taste

Be that as it may; its experiences – bad or good

Nobody is left untouched by them

It’s all the same for everyone

Ultimately when the sun sets

“Life is unpredictable, but no one is left untouched by its experiences” Mmaletsema Mokgohlwa