A Dream

It’s the dawn of the morning
I enter my room and instantly sense this weird presence
That led me to switch on the lights
Only to see you with your face covered
I move nearer with the suspense of revealing your identity
Whilst rattled by the unknown of what I may uncover

My heart is pounding and as for my body is sweating and trembling
For you are in my room, uninvited
And your entire body completely covered with a blanket,
“Who could this be in my territory, unannounced”, I ask myself
Closer I now move to you and as for my curiosity, it’s to be answered.
In a split second suddenly you remove the cover
For I, to see your faceĀ 
Shocked I am – for I know you
And never expected you to be in my personal space
Nor invade it for that matter

But surprisingly you smile as all is fine
I too strangely join in and smile back
Instead of throwing you out
I then held your hand, instantly falling asleep
What happened, I still wonder even today
The truth is yet to be known