It’s hard to believe;

That one can be intelligent and still go nowhere in life

That one can be brilliant and yet achieve nothing with their brilliance

That one can be an angel truly living on earth and oppositely still be on the receiving end of extreme misfortunes, disappointments, headaches and stress

That one could be true to who they really are and shockingly still get brutally punished for their honesty

For one does not conform to societal norms

That one could have so much wealth today and tomorrow lose it all

That one could be something today and only to be nothing as the sun brightly shines the next day

That one could make themselves feel better at the expense of making others feel useless, small, and stupid and inhumanely rejoice of it

That one’s best friend could one day become one’s worst enemy

That the same people, who are supposed to protect kids, are the ones abusing, molesting and doing the unthinkable unto them

And those that desperately want and have so much love to give, spread and share with kids cannot bear nor have any of their own, but those who don’t, could and easily in a way

That one mere mistake at times could turn one’s life upside-down

That the same person you’re loyal to, trust, share secrets and a bed with every night; may not have your best interest at heart and could contribute to your downfall

That the same person, whom you spit upon and degrade every day would one day catch you when falling down as well as help get you back up on your feet.

That one’s beauty could easily fade away, if not properly treasured and taken care of, just like a plant when not watered; it gradually and slowly dies