It’s not me

It’s never my fault. It’s everyone else’s fault.  When will this line of thinking ever come to an end? Refusing responsibility when circumstances do not favour you it’s rather questionable and reveals more of an individual’s character than their intelligence and ability to get themselves out of problems. If there is one thing I have learnt along the way is the mere fact that there is a need not to always be right and win every discussion.    The sooner people learn to understand the concept and value of winning even when loosing, the better. There is more to life than always having the last word even when it’s entirely unnecessary. Conversations that we have should not be based on competition of who makes the greatest and valid points but should be more centred around what difference actually emanates from our interactions. What piece of ourselves and footprint do we plant and live behind in all forest of conversations we hike in. Our footprint should not always be of extreme intensity but more accommodative of all people from all walks of life. 

If there is one thing that a win and failure have in common; it’s the fact they both are not guaranteed. So either way, it’s okay, to fail plus nobody plans to fail. However, the opposite could be said for winning. Everyone wants to win. But there is a time and place for everything. I have interacted with a portion of people that always wanted to win even when they should not. To give a practical scenario; we’ve got two colleagues from the emergency service call centre, they are the first people to be contacted whenever an emergency occurs. However, there is an issue between the two colleagues as one feels he’s the only one that answers the phone more than the other one. And it’s true by the way and management it’s aware and has reluctantly shown any signs of resolving this issue.  So as retaliation, the personnel who feels let done by management then decides to act in a worst possible scenario when incoming calls are at their peak by actually not answering any calls just like his colleague has for a while been doing. However, in deciding not to receive any incoming calls, he automatically addressed his issues with the colleague, rightly or wrongly so at work and unintentionally caused a life of an innocent citizen who needed emergency help and had nothing to do with the squabbles that have been ongoing at work. But sadly was caught in the middle of a “war at work” which he hardly ever contributed to. Is this fair and acceptable? Do you now get it, when I say, “there is time and place for everything despite how wronged you may feel”? Because issues at work, especially for emergency services personnel, are not worth risking the life an ordinary person desperately needing medical attention. Sometimes the need for logic to prevail is urgently required than our egos and skewed vengeance. At times taking full responsibilities for some of the mistakes you intentionally and unintentionally made does not mean that you are never going to fight what you believe to be wrong. Timing also plays a significant role and those able to read it well, reveal a sense of emotional intelligence and maturity that they embody. 

© 2019 Mmaletsema Mokgohlwa