At a hospital, I find myself
This morning, in casualty
Extremely scared, I must admit
Yet confusion thunderously travels at the same rate as my heart beat
Like a person failing (and refusing) to hint a calling from ancestors,
Uncertainty brews like wild fires accelerated by wind,
With a directionless source of origin
I am emotionally burning coals to generate heat of positive thoughts
Hoping for this moment to fade away,
Praying for everything to be soundly fine,
Although simultaneously generating emissions of thoughts,
A contradiction, indeed – this has become
Draining my last droplet of hope infiltrating
My soul, faith and spirituality,
I am beyond petrified
Of what is to take turn next
In the next second, minute and hour
For life is unpredictable
One moment you have and the next is gone
I try so hard to freeze tears
As I contemplate and prepare for the worst
But reality is intensively rising like global warming
For me to process
Melting my ice-cold tears,
Into floods
Drowning every moment I count on

Living in fear

Scared of the unknown
Darkness approaching
Constant fear of death
I feel, nearer it is
Rattled by it
Way forward turned into a fog
Visibility struggling with
As nothing I see
Although anything could happen
For I feel it – Though I see it not
I sleep,
Then instantly all is revealed
As a vision
Confirmation, this turns into
Of my discomfort


Truth so transparent
Beyond any reasonable doubts and logic
Though difficult
At times
To accept
Written and printed clearly on walls
Still blind we are to see and read
Spoken loudly through actions
Yet extremely difficult it remains
For many to understand and accept
As it is