Healing and acceptance

Never thought this day would come
So soon
where I need to say goodbye
looking back, I appreciate
the times we spent together
the memories we created – irreplaceable

Watched you on deathbed
heavily medicated
helped you carry on
doctors tried their best
their best was not enough
as well
I am lucky to have had you
In my life

not even death will separate us
your visits in my dreams
when extremely hurt
serve as a constant comfort
that I am not alone
you’re with me spiritually and forever looking over me

we are now in different worlds
there can never be anyone like you
I never thought it would be this hard,
If only I had known

we have come a long way
traveled side by side
the road was not always tarred
we shared so much
not even words could describe
the flow of our bond
we endured pain and loss
ran through challenges as a team
nothing compares to it

I shall forever cherish
the fact that I found my equal
and gracefully shared everything with
for this rarely happens
the experience and journey is beyond my imagination

In life you can have all best plans put into place and vision of how they should all unfold but believe you me, all of them would amount to nothing if you are without faith. That’s one thing that destroys so many dreams as well as hope of people. I have been observed on how many people contradict themselves. Let look at few examples; such as you are applying for a job and in the process of doing so, still you don’t have any faith whatsoever that you could actually get a job. Then what are the possibilities and prospects of you ever getting the job. It’s good to have clear vision of where you see yourself in several years to come. Achieving your dreams doesn’t solely depends on your visionary state of mind and plans but also need a great aspect of faith, for all to occur accordingly.
In everything, I ask of you to have faith. Because with faith your can never go wrong, rest assured. But oppositely, you can still go wrong with great plans as they immune you not from disappointment. However, something which faith could never lead to, but be aware that not everything would be a smooth ride.
Hence if you feel and know you could never achieve something, then why do it? Why waste your precious energy by walking toward something or a place you feel you could never reach at all? Or could never be warmly welcomed? Think about it. Sometimes all we have to do is simply add one and one then get two (1+1=2).
I want us to think about this from different angles of few scenarios. The first is you wanting to perform well with your studies meanwhile studying very hard which is in line with your goal and yet doubts you have of ever performing well. Therefore once there is a tiny seed of doubt planted in your mind then all the good fight and work you had put and invested would be meaningless as it possibly amount and leads to nothing except failure. Not because it supposed to, but simply as result of one’s lack of faith in what one is doing. Like I always say sometimes it’s the little that have massive impact. There is a clear correlation in terms of outcomes that exists between what you think, have faith in and could possibly achieve.

The End and The Beginning

A journey indeed
Life with a purpose
Much occurred
Dealt with
Still to resolve
Regardless of everything
The end we have ultimately reached
With a baggage of differing emotions

Fluctuating one’s state of mind
The next phase to be decided
A new chapter only few hours away
From being entered into
So much newly awaits for us
Plans already put into place
A picture sketched of that which a new year
Should hopefully have for us in store

As yesterday is to be learnt from, forgiven and forgotten
To add value to our todays as well as tomorrows
Yet in anticipation we hold our breath
Praying that our dreams and wishes unfold accordingly
Through the greatest grace of our creator
For He knows and provides only what is best for us