Healing and acceptance

Never thought this day would come
So soon
where I need to say goodbye
looking back, I appreciate
the times we spent together
the memories we created – irreplaceable

Watched you on deathbed
heavily medicated
helped you carry on
doctors tried their best
their best was not enough
as well
I am lucky to have had you
In my life

not even death will separate us
your visits in my dreams
when extremely hurt
serve as a constant comfort
that I am not alone
you’re with me spiritually and forever looking over me

we are now in different worlds
there can never be anyone like you
I never thought it would be this hard,
If only I had known

we have come a long way
traveled side by side
the road was not always tarred
we shared so much
not even words could describe
the flow of our bond
we endured pain and loss
ran through challenges as a team
nothing compares to it

I shall forever cherish
the fact that I found my equal
and gracefully shared everything with
for this rarely happens
the experience and journey is beyond my imagination