Love: A bumpy road [First version]

I loved him that is all I have ever done
I believed in him, when he told me he loved me
I gave him the key to my heart and let him in – To navigate
I gave him everything; loyalty, comfort, unconditional love, trust and honesty
I listened to him and gave him all my attention
I stuck and stood by him, like any woman deeply in love would do,
When the world, friends and his family turned its back against him
There I was on his side over that of others,
Holding onto him tightly, during thunderous times (seasons)
For he was never at fault or wrong in my eyes
He was my everything, in him I saw our future
He was the only guy who mattered in my life
When with him, I felt free and happy.
He knew exactly what to say to fulfil my heart with happiness And have the strength to fight any difficulty
That may arise on my way
All the effort I had invested in our relationship,
Praying that he will one day be the man I build my home with
Thinking that one day he will be the father of my kids,
It turned out to be a painful and rather strainouspretentious relationship,
Which I was so blind to spot its mistakes as well as behavioural patterns
As I believed everything he said about us
I convincingly felt like I was his one and only woman but to him I was just another girl!!!…
A fool, I were