An innocent soul you seem
in almost all aspect of your being
though trapped
you remain – in multiple ways
of your own will
like a wild animal caged
leading to its dissipation of purpose on earth
though from a distance
life seems rosy
but once closer – the opposite prevails
you are trapped
you are a prisoner
of your own creation
only you can escape
your own choices
it’s never too late
to preserve your last droplets of energy
and what you have become
death, you immensely feel – nearing
you intensively sense it – approaching
and already surrounding you
this is inevitable
for death in this case
it is a “Nap”
at any time – it shall strike
rest assured
you have been warned.

what an exceptionally beautiful nightmare?
I nap
You visit
In my dreams
Full of regrets
Your bucket list of greatest moments
Is outweighed and clouded by regrets
You are not happy at all
Internally you are lost in a jungle of decisions
You have made – and there is nothing wrong
With that
Except learning from them
Once and for all – as your life
Could potentially consist of many movements
And yet no progress
Though you may seem to people
Great appreciation directed to your ancestors
For spiritually revealing some of your troubles

Nobody forced you
To remain imprisoned
In your own confusion, denialism, and fear
For courage, you lack
As you hope for a hero
To save you
From your problems
Which you created
Attached to and befriended

I warn still, of a heartbreak
I know, you know
It’s your life – it’s your decision
But what I foresee – it’s evident
In my continuous variations of visions
About you
The truth I will never hide
From you
Naked – you’ve always been
You not alone
This club is growing – but lacks courageous individuals
Instead, it is full of individuals suffering from victimization mentality
And willing to settle for less even when they should not


The gift runs ancestrally deep
Through the deepest valleys
Of my existence
With it, I climb the tallest mountains
Reach the peak
Swim through outrageous waves
In deep seas of spirituality
Tried and tested
Again and again
The future
I know what it entails
And has for me in store
All the success – from all aspects of life
It’s inevitable and already been decide upon
By my ancestors
And my creator
With certainty, my life is a blessing
I am living purpose