Winter it is
love song I listen to
You I instantly long for
Warmth of love I feel for you
Nothing matters excepts thoughts
Dominating my veins
Of you presence
In my hands
Your body close to mine

Both our heartbeat beating as one
Coldness we shall defeat
Smile we shall wear

Your voice a blanket – forever keeps me warm
Your eyes beautiful – my future I see
Your hands; heaven I feel in them
Your body; heaven I live through
Summer you are during winter
Overpowering any coldness

Every season you are next to me


I am so hooked
I instantly got high of love when I first saw her
Her beauty melted my ice-cold heart
And became my raining weakness
I fought hard to prevent
Her smile brings everything to standstill – phenomenal chaos
Her walk is intoxicating
everyone addictively gets bitten by her looks
and uncontrollably drawn to her by her undeniably magnetic beauty
An African black woman she is, indeed
Strong, confident, intelligent, independent, superwoman, extremely beautiful and curvaceous
Her voice leaves many voiceless
Her confidence; strikes doubts into her counterparts
Her independence rattles many – for financial-dependency is non-existence and irrelevant
This strikes fear still into some men who define and abuse their position based on financial dependency of women on them


Beautiful she is – I constantly tell her
disbelieve on her face
with instant comparison to others, shocks me
for her beauty differs
I tell her always
Many need what she needs not
Precious that is – She must learn
Her eyes, face, smile, hands, legs
Results in people bumping into each other
Causing more unpreventable human collision
Her beauty is to be blamed
I tell her
Not happy she looks
As beauty can be her downfall – she realizes
For it brings creatures of different kinds
With different intentions
Ultimate control lies with her, she admits