In the absence of leadership
Lawlessness prevails
And citizens are forced
To take the law into their own hands
Inevitably casualties are to occur
Bonds of all types – break
Families get destroyed
Unity dissipates

In the absence of leadership
A country burns to flames
Like wildfires so strong
And quickly floods
into neighboring countries
Spilling havoc and trace of destruction
Lives are destroyed
Yet in silence politicians, political parties and presidents
Of different countries fail to do right by their people
And take a firm stand

In the absence of leadership
Nations turn against each other
Those at fault ignorantly fail to acknowledge
Their wrongs in all aspects
Fail to take full responsibility
For crimes committed
A blind eye they turn
But if tables were turned
A threshold most of them
would instantly reach
for crime has no racial connotation

Leaderships lacks
When desperately needed
This rather reveals
That only citizens
Can create the change
They need
Through an alternative civilians led government
For government is non-existence
Only citizens can rescue themselves
Through various legal means
Available for their usage

In the absence of leadership
Another form of leadership
Should take its course
For the citizens
By the citizens