You are the greatest
Throughout all seasons
Things happens
Which are beyond human comprehension
That leave behind a million of burning questions
Despite it all
One does not have to understand everything
Through this journey of faith
As battles are part of it
Although your sacrifice
Does not go unnoticed
When I am bruised with pride
Your love remain everlasting
You are the greatest
Your name brings down rain
To drought-stricken nations
Your grace
Washes away any form of pain
Your love
Dismantles any weapons formed
You command
Mountains move
Heaven obeys
More is yet to come

Living in fear

Scared of the unknown
Darkness approaching
The constant fear of death
I feel
It is nearer
Rattled by it
The way forward turned into a fog
Visibility remains a struggle
As nothing I see
Anything could happen
Though I see it not
I feel it
When I sleep
Then instantly all is revealed
As a vision


Nature at its best
We live sustainably in it
Harmony watering its growth
Yet unity rising like the sun
Brightly it shines, with no disturbance
Living and non-living organisms reaping their freedom
Amazing nature continues to be
Then the introduction of human to it
A challenge yet to be solved
As different attitudes instilled
Have diverse ways to relate
As well as interact with it
Nature at its best
Now threatened, now cease to exist
Possibilities hang on a line
Of future generation to experience
The beauty of nature – Its freshness
Therapeutic calmness, melodies of birds
But not all is damaged, done and dusted with
For a chance is still available to change
Our attitudes of relating and treating our environment
In a sustainable way, as to provide future generation
Their rightful opportunity of knowing it as well