New version of self

I woke up to a different person,
Full of exceptional energy,
Feeling lighter,
Already looking forward to anything
That today shall bring about
Dancing to the beat of the heart,
For indicative it is to a continuous existence of life,
The moment extremely joyful,
Outside the sun is shining brightly,
All that happened happened
Regardless, the past not to be re-lived in the present
But forward this stranger is heading
Whilst the journey self-revealing it is,
As everyday gives a chance to rectify previous faults,
And learn to grow from them
Different he is from yesterday,
A new positive identity he developed/ gave birth to,
Face painted with gladness, peace and love
Loud music plays – a sign of eternal joy
Complimentary, of a newly restored faith
Different person, I woke up next to,
Full of life; programmed to readily take on anything,
Like a virus secondly changing its structure,
To outsmart, outplay and conquer its victims
Ooh, ready he looked