Heart speaks volumes

If the world were to end
Want it to end with me
Tightly holding unto and looking at you
Telling you how much you mean to me
How incomplete, life is to be without you
With floods of tears washing away doubts
And intimately creating a new form of birth
For us
In your last moments on earth
That shall never ever be replaced

If the world were to end
Want it to end with us
As a family with our beautiful kids
Tightly rooted around you
Wiping away your tears
Enjoying the last moments
And remembering what an exceptional mother
You truly are and always will
And that it is alright to say “goodbye”
Even when you desperately wish not to
Worry not, for our kids are lucky – to have had you in their lives
To have us or one of us alive and available to still take care of them

If the world were to end million times
Want it to end with me
Telling you
Like I have always told you – day and night
You are my best and everything -the heartbeat of my existence
You are a phenomenal mother, superwoman and partner
The first person to share everything with
Be it the lowest and greatest moments, defeats and achievements
On my chest you shall rest
To lastly feel the heartbeat of your love, wisdom and soul
Running through my veins
And that of our children


Treasured you are in my mind and heart
Your love is a blanket that keeps me warm
God undoubtedly took his time to create you
For beauty you are gifted with
Addicted I am to you – Rehab certainly my next stop
Paralyzed all my senses become, every second you cross my mind
Your angelic smile and soothing voice – so therapeutic and heavenly
Your eyes, a glimpse of our tomorrow I see through them
Nothing I have for you except the greatest love
As loving you has naturally become a hobby
That I greatly enjoy
Has turned into a shower
That I need to start and end a day with
Has become the air
That I breathe for survival

Every second of every minute and hour
Has become a nap
That I daily surrender to

I am for you throughout all seasons
I hope everyday becomes a holiday for you