Love: A bumpy road

I loved him that is all I have ever done

Believed in him when he told me he loved me

Gave him the key to my heart and let him into my residence

Gave him everything there is to give in the name of love

I listened to him and gave him all my attention

I stuck and stood by him, like any woman madly in love

When the world, friends and his family turned against him

There I was on his side over that of others

Holding onto him tightly during thunderous seasons

For he was never at fault nor wrong in my eyes

He was perfect and everything; in him, I saw our future

He was the only man who mattered in my life

When with him, I felt heavenly and liberated

He knew exactly what to say to fill my heart with happiness

And have the strength to fight any difficulty

That may arise on my way

All the effort I had invested in our relationship,

Praying he will one day be the man I build my home with

Thinking one day he will be the father of my kids

It gradually turned out to be a strenuous and painful lie

I was so blind to notice numerous red flags

His controlling behavior like always deciding what I should dress

His constant unhappiness of my spending time with male colleagues

Doing what I daily get paid for and him wanting me to resign

Nothing seemed to calm him down

He blamed me for his mistakes with direct linkage to his broken childhood

In love, I were and managed to normalize what should not

Friends warned me and I defended him and even lied for him  

I believed everything he said about us

I convincingly felt like I was his one and only woman

But it was not to be as to him I was just another random woman

Another fool of a victim to abusively toy with and cheat on

Love is build upon emotions is always taken advantaged of

By broken people to make themselves feel better

Broken I may be but I am undefeated