All is the mind

I am on top and on the edge of my world
It feels exceptionally good
The scenery is breathtaking
being able to see it all
from above
and take it all in
Having absolute control right in the palm of my hands
But one wrong step, I shall fall
It’s a long way down, I admit
That’s what crazily drives me
Knowing exactly what I am to lose
That which is on the line and the price tag attached
Uncertainties’ of living, achieving goals, fear of all; death, disappointments, failures
Are mere aspects that fuel me with the ultimate motivation
Of pushing down my own prison walls of fear and restrictiveness of self-freedom and potential of being – the best of me
Breaking down barriers, and walk over obstructions and a negative state of mind
One which brings out the best and fighter in me
And I love it, for if not for it, I’d still be in one place
Static; with no movement attempted of going forward
Paralysed by my own negative thoughts, self-doubts and demons
That I would have intentionally accommodated to exist in me
However, that’s not the case with me
Living on the edge, not wanting to fail; are exactly what electrify me
To thunderously strive to become the best that I know I am today
With that I am today, on top of my world,
For I made a choice to be here in spite of all the odds – That came my way
As that is what life is all about; making choices – But I made some that led me to my presence and ultimately leading towards my destination