Men; What has gone wrong?

I cannot think straight

I am heating up

every time when I see you

I cannot sleep

For you’ve become my living ancestor

this feeling I have never felt before

 I then pursue you

with the intention of getting permission

To be with you

You accept me into your life

Then suddenly entitlement 

I feel to your body

Permission I need not

To sleep with you

What changed?

For permission I needed 

To be with you

In the first place

The same permission

I still require to sleep with you

but yet disregard

If you don’t want

Don’t feel like it

Then don’t do it

To make me happy

Instead, making yourself happy

Should be your first priority 

Consensus should automatically emanate from within

How many women do this for their partners?

whilst truly they don’t want at all

It’s your body

Only you SHOULD decide when and how it should be used

Some men violate women sexually

due to the prevalent existence of power dynamics and patriarchy

worse enjoy and are advantaged by this 

but when tables are turned and it’s their daughters

caught in a similar predicament

they instantly find something to be wrong with the same system

which they, themselves utilise to their advantage daily

with no strain or chain of complaints

absolute hypocrisy

Feminist men are needed now more than ever

to protect women even when THEY fail to protect themselves

on a journey of making us happy at the expense of their own happiness

REAL men would not allow this to happen

For they know the real worth of a woman

in all aspects of womanhood

from start to the end

“What kind of a man are you and what role do you actually play in women’s lives even when nobody is watching” – Mmaletsema Noko