Different yet the same

It is amicably strange

how control we do not have

and solutions lack at times

yet through trials and disasters

and states of emergencies

across all corners of the earth

we attain a particular realization of how similar

we truly are

through our differences

COVID-19 is a good illustration

it affects the entire world

humanity is on the brink of collapse

as a result

although the pain that erupts

through deaths and falling sick

It unites the human race

through social distancing

How ironically strange

As difficult as it may be

Lives would be saved

this needs to be done

for the sake of humanity


Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock
Time waits for no man
In good and bad times
Through different seasons
There is no difference and it does not matter
That is precisely what time is good at

Have you noticed how much time we spend and waste?
Complaining, feeling sorry and comparing ourselves with others
When clearly the need is non-existent
For our paths toward our longed destinations are quite different,
As they entail rather incomparable challenges
That importantly help to distinctively define
What exactly we stand for

And sharply design one’s character – to come into life
Though different paths we continue to embark upon still
Self-love and belief is indisputable recipe for progress
In what we truly envisioned since from birth
The end is always nearer except in the mind of many
who struggle with thoughts-control and constant comparison with others
As that shall result in distractions, unnecessary pressure and delays

Your time, your decisions, your pace, your success and your life

© 2019 Mmaletsema Mokgohlwa


Life is a journey
Life is made for you, to live responsibly
Life is so worth living
Life can give you a second chance
Only you are in charge
Only you can choose to learn from your mistakes
Only you can decide what happens next
Only you know what is right and wrong
After all, your hero or villain lies within yourself
After all your success or failure lies in your own hands
After all your happiness or sadness depends on your choices