Words the eyes of my thoughts
State and shape of my vision
What I breathe and consume to stay alive
Food to my soul
Words the sound of music I dance to
Lost in rhythms, my inner-self I vividly find
Words are beautiful and pure like a newly born
Who is without sins yet if a righteous path is that,
He shall walk upon
Influential words are for when spoken so much unfold
Miracles occur and people change for the worse
People change for the better – Horizons expand
Varies opportunities become available
If one listens attentively with good intentions
One also has a choice to either let mere words
To outline and direct their destiny and what could and should be
Words are exceptional if only you strip-off
Those that serve no purpose and add no value in your life
As to build and cement your clear-minded foundation of an everlasting legacy to leave behind
That has success and inner peace as its main priority


Beautiful everything looks
So it’s my future
The road is rocky and full of curves
But nothing is without such element
This journey, I had envisioned as a baby
Yet gradually it’s coming true; “And no longer a wishful thinking”
The end I know
The end I visited with thoughts and through my visions
For everything is possible
Depending on one’s imagination of possibilities
Safe heaven I foreseen from birth – My calling towards my purpos
e on earth


If you can’t have what you like at least try to like what you have.

For if you continue concentrating extensively much on what you do not have you will eventually end up forgetting what you have.

It has always been emphasized by generations that came before us and those consisting of wealth of wisdom, “A bird in a hand is worth two in the bush”.

However, at the end of the day, the choice is entirely yours to make as the only future that shall be affected as a result of your lack of appreciation for what you have is no one else’s but yours.

One has to definitely keep this in mind.