I wake every day to your mercy
A gift of life you still have loaned me
To fulfill a conscious search,
For that of which I am created
My purpose – I am referring to
On earth
Accompanied by a broad deep of understanding
That electrifies,
That rejuvenates,
Drowned thoughts of self-identity
As well as reignite visions
In you I live with no constant fear
Security I do not pay for
As your presence is everything – My insurance and life cover
That no money could ever equate to
Trust in you, I laid
In me, you exist and part of me you are

A nap

Immediately when I nap
Another world I find myself
Journeying through,
Adventurously thrilling it is every second
Discoveries are made
“Impossible” non-existent
All that transpires – It’s real revelations

Immediately when I nap
From within
Inside of a being’s soul
I reside,
Spiritually viewing life
Of my family, friends, colleagues and strangers
Especially the struggles they face,
some hidden and invisibly suppressed beneath “keeping it together”
Difficult it gets by day
For all that is occurring,
For all that is to occur
Strangely gets to be revealed In advance

A Nap

In my sleep
I connect with my ancestors
Their spirit deeply runs through me
Crossing over the other side of life
The greater unknown mystery
Where fear gives birth to bravery
For crossing over gives no guarantees of return
To normality for others
As the other side – Is of the departed
Only the deceased can enter
For the right of admission is reserved
Though exceptions are available